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Celebration is a quintessential human experience. 

It’s a ritual we continue when time allows.


Let’s go back to some great moments at the Sympò, in the heart of Bologna.

A truly magnificent former church (Our Lady of the Good Shepard Church) built in 1520, now a private events venue.


This last February, as I was getting closer to my birthday and heading into a week of trade-show, I wanted to celebrate with the ones close to my heart and give them a heartwarming thanks for being a part of my business venture!


The gathering brought together those who I do business with and who honestly inspire me with their courage to take on challenges.

Plus a good reason: celebrate my birthday!


I love sharing and to me, there is no better place than a table and a gathering to create mindful connections for greater synergy.


There is something beautiful about sharing. Things flow. The setting, the catering, the music, the vibe, and the visual experience come together because of those who gather.


My hope is that this event keeps inspiring us to take the time and purposely think about how rich our lives are when we share.


These moments in gatherings are wonderful lessons to remember what really matters in life, especially during this time: togetherness.


This is how we celebrate our rituals.



 Thank you all for making this happen!


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