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 We offer a tailored package for each of our Italian clients to feature you prominently and lovingly on our HOLYITALY website and provide you with anything and everything you will need to present well on the American market.


  • We personally assess all your marketing and catalog material, then hold a question-and-answer session with you to get the full and vibrant story of you, your company, your process, and your product. The authentic "Made In Italy" is greatly loved for quality. Let's talk about the story behind the scenes.


  • We engage a photographer to hold a photo session with you and produce images we can both have full access to.  Then we pair these images together with your story for our Website and our proposal material.


  • We advise on any changes or improvements to your marketing and informational material that will help your company shine and communicate well in America.  Often this involves creating content written in an American voice, or sourcing a graphic designer here in America to help create a version of your Website for you in English.  Whatever it is, we work with you to achieve a quality and effective presentation.


If you are interested in our package and would like your company to be featured here, send us an email, and we can start the conversation.


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