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Pomila-Calamia Vini srl:
Sacramental wine from its birthplace, Marsala

If you love traditional places, the tradition will drive you to Marsala. 

Within the Arabic dominion "Marsh Allah" – literally translates to “the port of Allah”, for the width of the ancient harbor.


This quaint little town sits on the westernmost point of Sicily, the island at the toe of Italy’s boot and it will exceed any expectations by far, being a sort of synthesis of different culture, language, architecture, food and…wine!

The Marsala is the oldest Italian DOC wine to have obtained such this recognition.


Pomilia-Calamia enables the fourth generation to continue the art of crafting fine sacramental wine.

Made naturally from the fruit of grape pure and uncorrupted, ecclesiastically certified since the 1927.

Prepared, bottled and sealed, with a traditional method surrounded by secrecy for preserving the aromatic richness of its grapes from the way of growing them.

Quality guarantee as to its 16% volume of alcohol by respecting the Code of Canon Law’s rules.


Giovanni is leading the way with his sister Rossana. Marsala native. It is in their genes.

They have preserved the best of the old-fashioned production remembering, collecting, and passing down the recipes their loved ones have passed to them. 

A way to honor and immortalize their family heritage as a part of who they are as winemakers, allowing them to create sacramental wines that are a meaningful experience.


Get to know them better. Plan a winery trip!


Pomilia Calamia vini srl
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