The 2019 NCGA Catalog Publishers Meeting 

ULPE feat. Valentina

In 2017 ULPE joined the National Church Goods Association (NCGA)  as a member.

The NCGA  was established in 1907 and is one of the oldest practicing associations in existence. 

Proud to be there during these days, as the representative of ULPE on the American market.

When companies prosper, we all benefit.


When we take pride in our work when we embrace our history, culture, and vision of the future, we grow, we contribute to improving. 


It’s a privilege to engage with successful entrepreneurs, with positive people, who invest in building consistency around them and in their work environment.  


In the same way, it’s important to remember what we achieved and what the future holds. 


Being aware and taking pride in that joint achievement.


Our environment is what we make it.


Thank you for having me there!


If you’d like to check out how ULPE crafts exquisite woodcarvings, treat yourself watching this delightful video from the Val Gardena. Simple. Effective. Powerful.  

Enjoy the soundtrack!