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Natale Salvardi srl:
Religious items & Church Goods in Bologna

In the wonderful region of Emilia-Romagna

(yes, I'm partial to it, my home-town/my family is here!)

Bologna is an ancient town featuring a Sanctuary, Our Lady of La Guarde with the famous icon attributed to Saint Luke the Evangelist.


Natale Salvardi is a family-owned business with a rich history behind in religious production, dating back over two centuries. 


A Bologna-based brand supplying church goods specializes in Travel Mass Kits proudly invented and patented in the 1960s.


Their range of products all have a hand-made aspect to them, and they are ready for expansion in the American market with an open mind for how their products can be evolved and applied to the variety of devotional structures in the US. 


With a background in start-up ventures, Giovanni “Gio” Sisera is the current CEO.

He grew up in business. His dad, Loris, ran much of the organizational and management aspects of the company, his mom, Ivana, designed most of the exclusive collections, and family life revolved around the company. 


Today he works closely with his team to emphasizes trust and values.

He uses his skills to now build an ethical business that is changing the landscape of conscious consumerism by taking a hands-on approach to focus on the challenges in a family business where tradition steers with innovation.


Family is everything, you know it right?


natale salvardi srl
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