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the finest religious jewelry in Campo Ligure 

EFFE-ERRE is a successful father-and-son run business, locally made in Campo Ligure.

In the rolling landscape of Liguria, the coastal region of North-Western Italy, this beautiful village is now the last remaining center for the ancient Italian art of twisting threads of gold and silver: the filigree.


The word filigree comes from the Latin “filum” (thread) and “granum” which means small beads.


EFFE-ERRE was born out of a passion to create exquisite religious jewelry handcrafted in filigree by the most talented artisans, considered the only heirs to this art.


In 1986 the founder Riccardo Parodi who had the pleasure of working as a consultant for the National Association for Ligurian Filigree decided it was time to challenge this increasingly difficult task and preserve the crafts.

He launched his own business and in 2009 Effe-Erre was awarded Ligurian Artisans DOC, Appellation of Controlled Origin, by Liguria Region. 


Fast forward to 2014, his son Alessio starts to join it and together they drive the company as a vehicle for transfer artisans knowledge to the next generation.


You can feel the love they have for their work as their smiling face lights up as they talk about their creations.


After one quick glance, you’re suddenly in awe of their uniqueness. 

You can't stop staring at their sacred jewels. 



Indeed, how can’t you fall profoundly in love?


Alessio & Riccardo
Effe-Erre snc
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