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 This year the CMN Momentum 2019 Trade Show has helped us accomplish new connections, goals, and benefits.

Thank you for supporting and creating an ever-growing circle of people willing to be connected in new and surprising ways, and in doing so, making a cascade of opportunities that can ignite at any time. 



ATS ITALIA attended for the 2nd year running to create better experiences for customers and provide exceptional products & service.

One of the owners Frida Giannini was there and delighted to make a deeper connection with old and new customers. 

She has loved to help them understand how to use ATS ITALIA products in a variety of versatile applications. 


So, has it been successful? How did it fare?  


The trade show was great, thank you all! 

Your visits have contributed to our success, such as the take up that the project is now launching for a second year. 

And with Italian exports sales growing, it’s clear that the project is making the impact it desired.

Indeed, it seems that the current attention on ‘Made in Italy’, with a definite focus on Italian sophistication and refinement, is catching on. 


We strive to stay consistent.

We believe in the Power of Consistency.

Consistency is a must as we build and grow our businesses.

Step by step. 

Here and there.

We are those people who absolutely love what they do and can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get busy on the job. 


We know it. We were there together. We saw it. We have shared it.


Business growth requires humility sealed with gratitude. It is a process.

In fact, due to changing markets and conditions, we need to adapt our plans to smooth out our business’s inefficiencies, refine strengths and better suit new requests -- sometimes could be completely different than expected. 


This time was more than we could have hoped for!


Thank you again for your support!


There’s strength in diversity.

By blending the ideas of other people with our own, we can often come up with a solution that is magnificent!

Start by focusing on the aspects that everyone agrees upon, and then open our mind to compromise and working together. 

Rather than focusing on the competition.

We stay open to other ideas. There is so much to gain by working together right now if we seek out a win-win solution.


Every country has different challenges to master. 

A win-win approach to negotiation aims to find an outcome that satisfies all parties, overcoming frustration and delays.

If we want to improve our business and our life, listen thoughtfully almost always results in better outcomes for everyone.


We are encouraged to be a good example in the world. 

As we are all human beings, we have an inherent desire to connect and build relationships.

Genuine. Authentic. 



We can always do more to help our businesses grow successfully together.

Starting to ask "How can I be helpful to you?” 


Then listening and being ready to find it out.

We might be surprised. 

Here and there.


Good (business) relationship and appreciation help us thrive.








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