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We have had the pleasure to partner with

ATS ITALIA and DEVOTIO in welcoming attendees during the 2018 CMN TRADE SHOW  in Lancaster, PA.

The 2018 CMN - Catholic Marketing Network 



All was well geared up for the trade show event.

Indeed, we had the opportunity to meet current and potential clients, and invite them all for the upcoming trade-show in Italy.

We were delighted to provide who went past the booth with good conversation about the Italian market and to give an insight into ATS ITALIA best products selection straight from Italy.


It was such a great experience to be at the CMN, the Catholic Market Network,

we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Lancaster.


Many thanks to all of you who have motivated us to pick challenging projects.

A Latin motto says "non nobis solum", not for ourselves alone.

It means that people should contribute to the general greater good of humanity,

apart from their own interests.


What a gift to work with people who are driven by living a fulfilled life, authentic people who match positive, empowering words with actions.

Kind, humble, conscious entrepreneurs with an unwavering determination to realize their goals.

Open-mindedness is built on trust, faith, and is acceptance of a call-to-action in our lives. 

It means that we are fair-minded, willing to entertain new thoughts, ideas, and people, and all they bring to the fore.






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