ATS Italia: devotional gifts from Rome 

In the heart of Italy and along the Tyrrhenian Sea, there is a region called Lazio with one of the planet’s most famous cities, Rome.


The eclectic culture and rich religious history of this busy cosmopolitan city provide a fabulous matching frame for the many treasures to be found there.



ATS Italia in Rome is a religious product and publishing powerhouse all in one.  


Husband and Wife duo, Giovanni Arnaldo “Gianni” Scipioni and Frida Giannini, wanted to combine their passion of beautifully made products with a deeper purpose to contribute to religious practice on society in a positive and impactful way. 


The company serves as a platform for close collaboration with a growing number of artists, institutions, writers and designers to produce products held in high esteem by the most important sites of Christian religious pilgrimage, including the Vatican Museums.  


The founders got their start in 1988 in art-related books and expanded into a wide range of tailored and custom devotional items available in several languages. 


The Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican, Angelo Card. Comastri has personally written the introduction that now graces the opening page of the Rosary Booklets - one of their best-selling products. 



ATS is very open to custom orders and well positioned to partner on new and expansive ideas,

especially in the publishing and printing sector.


Let's make them feel welcome!

Gianni & Frida